Snack Man

In full-time ministry for nearly 30 years, I know how precious time can be, whether ‘in the ministry’, in the marketplace or managing a household–and how limited! My prayer is that these online morsels for those ‘on-the-go’ will increase your spiritual appetite for more of God…

The photos below include Sandy, my wife of twenty-seven years and yours truly…

For a ‘lunch-sized’ portion of me, you may want to dine here…I promise you won’t choke on any bones…


3 responses

9 03 2007

I really like the style and feel of your blog. What church do you pastor and where?

Bill Meyer
New Jersey

9 03 2007

Blessings, Bill!

You are most kind. Thanks for reading here and for the encouraging word. I pastor the New River Church in Douglasville, GA and have been here since ’92. You can catch us on the web at

Been to your great state many times and LOVE it. Primarily in southern Jersey and around NYC. Hope to get back there one day…

Thank you again!

1 05 2007
Gary Matthews

I am glad I found your blog. Knew you from TTU days.

Just thought I would mention, if you hadn’t heard, that Dr. Roberson died on Sunday morning. I’m sure his homecoming was special.


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